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I began this blog a “spiritual turkey.” Not exactly a desirable existence, but the truth isn’t always what we want it to be. I have spent the last five years of my life, and most especially the last twelve months, taking. I have consumed an embarrassingly gross quantity truth and beauty – embarrassing and gross because I have kept it all for me. I have listened to countless challenging sermons, read dozens of thought-provoking books, written and recorded reams of whatever wisdom I happen upon, and prayed and meditated over the very Word of God. I have had incredible experiences and conversations. And I am growing fat with it all. And I have kept all the insight I have been given and all the blessings I have received all for myself, save for a few of the special people I call my friends.

I have been sitting on the personal desire and inward conviction to blog since I left my former life as a wedding planner and blogger. It took 18 months, some keen insight from an interview with Danielle LaPorte, and a final push from Dr. Tony Evans to get me to type this right now. I had many excuses — good ones, even. You’ll probably hear about those eventually.

An excerpt from the interview I mentioned above:

Pace Smith:  People… want to change the world with their writing. And no one is going to change the world if you’re writing in a journal and then keeping it under lock and key. It’s only going to happen if your world-changing ideas spread. There are dozens of different ways to spread your ideas, and they all involve having other people read what you write.

Danielle LaPorte:  …Just start. Don’t worry about your voice, don’t worry about an audience. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but don’t even worry about the aesthetic. Just get it out there. You need to worry about all of those things eventually. But what I see happen often is that people are waiting to find their message and their brand, and what are they going to write about? They get all flustered, and that fluster just stymies them. I’d just say, “Go to WordPress.com, and start writing.” Give yourself six months of online writing – and when I say online writing, I mean writing knowing that people are possibly going to read it – to find your voice.

So. I started.


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