She filled her glass to the brim with milk and tossed the carton away. There was such abandon in knowing that a full one was waiting for her at the back of the fridge. Walking back to her office, she caught a glimpse of her slender figure in the full-length mirror. She really liked her shirt today. She liked the way she felt in it – cozy, enveloped, and unbridled. It’s funny that a shirt can so provoke ones disposition. Peering down at her boy-fit shorts, she thought that perhaps she had achieved that effortless, casual-elegance, Grace-Kelly-on-holiday look. Not that anyone was there to see it. Not that it mattered if anyone did.

She sat down to her computer and smiled as she humbly observed, as if for the first time, the unelegance of her MacBook sitting atop it’s newly-acquired stand: an Adidas shoebox. It seemed particularly ironic just now. Grace Kelly would never put her laptop on a shoebox. But Grace Kelly wouldn’t compromise her posture to hunch over a keyboard. Grace Kelly wouldn’t be spending a beautiful Saturday afternoon clicking away on Illustrator, either.

The phone rang, triggering the letdown of a sigh that had been bottling up in her since noon. It was relief, and yet, unwelcome. She didn’t need another cause for distraction.

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One Response to Working

  1. suzanne says:

    I like this story. May I hear more?

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