Me and my edgy design

My husband referred to my blog style, graphically, as “edgy.” I have never been associated with anything edgy in my life. I have been called “extreme,” “unconventional,” “radical,” and “bold,” but never “edgy.”

I must be turning a new leaf.

I don’t like the “edgy” page, though. I’d much rather skip ahead to “graceful” or “lovely”… that is, if those pages are in my book somewhere.

Sadly, I can’t say I’ve ever been called “graceful” or “lovely” either.

So, “edgy” it is. For now, anyway.

P.S. I think “edgy” is one of the ugliest words words to look at. It’s almost as ugly as “ugly.”

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4 Responses to Me and my edgy design

  1. Suzanne says:

    I’ve always thought of you as a perfectionist in progress. This is not a bad thing as our Lord is perfect and therefore you are striving to be closer to Him. Hence, an edgy perfectionist? Sure, why not.
    p.s. Edgy reminds me of fudgy or pudgy, I’m afraid those aren’t any better!

    • Monica says:

      For the time being, I will prefer to think of “edgy” as “on the edge of…” something. Like, “on the brink of…” Of what, I don’t know.

      Is “perfectionist in progress” the same as “recovering perfectionist”? Maybe I’m on the edge of grace. 🙂

      • Monica says:

        P.S. “Edgy perfectionist” sounds… prickly. And high-strung. And anxious. I don’t think I want to be an edgy perfectionist. Unless I’m on the edge of being free from it.

    • Monica says:

      Also, I agree that “fudgy” and “pudgy” are equally unfortunate words.

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