Prayer and Sovereignty

I have always struggled with intercessory prayer (praying for others). Because, after all, if God is sovereign, why pray? I blame it on Calvin. I blame it on perfectionism. I blame it on my ability to over-intellectualize everything. I blame it on everything except my foolish pride.

Lately, though, God has been gently showing me how I have strayed, and that, if my theology is keeping me from prayer, my theology is garbage.

That last line was taken from a sermon by Jason Dahlman. It was through a simple illustration in that sermon that I was finally able to come to some reconciliation of God’s sovereignty and intercessory prayer.

The illustration is this:¬† If we see someone drowning, we do not stand by and watch, saying, “God is sovereign.” No! We yell for help, we call 911, we throw them a line, we jump in the water — we do everything in our power to save them.

Why do we approach prayer differently? I can say as sincerely as I know that I no longer will.

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2 Responses to Prayer and Sovereignty

  1. Jaimie says:

    Wow, this is a very good thought. (The garbage line.) Thanks for sharing.

  2. melissa112 says:

    So where are you? Did we loose you all together?

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