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Who profits from web domains?

I’ve been trying to figure out who profits from the sale of web domains. Like any resourceful, 21st century American, I googled it. “who profits from web domains.” Zero results. Do you know what you have to type into Google … Continue reading

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On collective bargaining and public education

Unless you’re on a media fast, you’ve probably heard about the proposed budget by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. I proudly voted for Governor Walker and volunteered for his campaign on a regular basis. His proposed solution to begin digging Wisconsin … Continue reading

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The common denominator

If every stranger you encounter is rude… If you constantly receive awful customer service… If all of your boyfriends were psycho… If drama follows you everywhere… If disaster is always at your door… …it might be time to look in … Continue reading

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The latest

Hello, all three of you readers out there! (Actually, I think there might be as many as nine or ten of you!) I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. :::Wonders how many posts will begin like this.::: The … Continue reading

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