The problem with being a person of your word

The problem with letting “your yes be yes and your no be no” is that one day you’ll forget that you said “yes” to something. Something very small perhaps, but something. It will slip your mind or you just won’t think it was the big deal that everyone else did. And when it starts to get late, everyone will be like, “She’ll come. She said she would.” And when you don’t come, they call everyone you know plus the National Guard because you have obviously been kidnapped.

Maybe we should all just stick with “maybe.”

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3 Responses to The problem with being a person of your word

  1. Benno says:

    Right on sister, signed The National Guard

  2. Jaimie says:

    Do you forget often? I’m neurotic, so I never forget social engagements. *knock on wood* That probably has something to do with me being introvert too, and it’s hard to forget something that I always dread on some level.

    • Monica says:

      No, not social engagements. And I think I will adopt your reason as mine also. And it’s because of your reason that I prefer “maybe” to “yes.” I like to have an escape plan.

      I will often forget small no-big-deal things I say I’ll do for people. Like, “Oh, I can totally send you the lyrics for that song” or “Yeah, I can bring that book tomorrow.” Homework was also in that category. In elementary school, I genuinely forgot about homework assignments much more often than I should now admit. But, I was really smart, so teachers always forgave me.

      In seventh grade, I got a planner, and it was my lifeline all the way through college and into my career.

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