How to write a really good thank-you note: Part two


You’re ready to write a really good thank-you note, but what do you actually say besides, um, thanks? Consider…

  • What do you appreciate about your gift-giver aside from the gift they sent?
  • What do you like about the gift? How/when/where will you use it?
  • If you are writing a note to recognize someone’s hospitality, what did you find particularly delightful about your stay? What experiences/conversations did you treasure?
  • What future encounters with your gift-giver do you warmly anticipate?
  • If the gift was from your registry, why did you want it?
  • Will other people benefit from your receipt of this gift? How did they respond?
  • How does the gift make you feel? Encouraged? Inspired? Loved? Capable? Relaxed? Pampered? Giddy? Nostalgic?
  • Will the gift make your life easier or more enjoyable in some way? How?
  • Does the gift remind you of anything noteworthy? A shared experience with the giver, perhaps?

Don’t feel the need to answer all of these questions every time you write a thank-you-note; just pick a few that you can answer with genuine gratefulness. Specificity will keep you honest and attentive; use words other than “good” and “nice” and “thanks.”

Additional tips or prompts for writing thank-you notes are welcome in the comments section. You can also comment about other things. Like how much you like my blog name (thanks, Jaimie).

This post is part of a two-part series. To read part one on “preparation,” click here.

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