A work in progress

In 7th grade, my English class was required to write our autobiographies. Though I remember little of what my final work contained, I do clearly recall the title: My Life: A Work In Progress.

So here, thirteen years later, is the continuation of that story.

I am often accused by those who know me most intimately of “hiding under a bushel.” Not hiding my faith, to which the reference refers, but hiding myself and my gifts. I know I do this. It’s… like a chronic illness or something. I’m trying to pinpoint the cause.

I am a Christian and I live my life according to the Word of God (the Bible) as I understand it. My understanding is always deepening and hopefully I am always growing. I want to grow so much that I am unrecognizable in five years. Five years ago, I was far less the person I want to be than I am today.

I am married to an entrepreneur. I am his business consultant. Really. Our course is always changing and life, for us, is a perpetual adventure. Perhaps that is why I can become so unfocused and why I have such a hard time with goals. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely goals are too restrictive for the life I live. How can I make a 5-year plan when neither of us knows where what we’ll be doing next month? Opportunity can come at any moment. And we are, proudly, always ready.


So far, I am a bushel-ducking, Bible-thumping, opportunity glutton.

Hopefully, my work progresses quickly.

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