My first post

This is my first post. If you’re reading this, you’re likely seeking a clue or two that will help you determine whether you should come back for my second post.

You can read about why I am writing here, but that won’t tell you if this blog will be of genuine interest to you. In fact, my reason for writing at this point is to determine what I really want to write about. In theory, this little space on the internet will allow me to organize my mind. Through it, I may discover a specific niche I love and eventually devote my writing to it exclusively, but until then, I will take you on my journey.

Here is an incomplete list of things I know about. It is likely that most of my writing will relate.

  • style
  • psychology
  • personality
  • faith
  • Christianity
  • passion
  • philosophy
  • femininity
  • women
  • citizenship
  • communication
  • business
  • household management
  • business
  • marketing
  • sociology
  • speech and language
  • fashion
  • weddings
  • etiquette
  • wellness
  • food
  • education

If these topics interest you, too, come back and visit me.

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