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Fear and self-esteem

Is it possible that self esteem is not our problem? That we fail to do things or fail to try or fail to go out on a limb, not because we don’t believe in ourselves enough, but because we are … Continue reading

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My philosophy on shopping

Chic women never shop to fill a void. They buy only pieces they love. – Jennifer Alfano, Harper’s Bazaar

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What I’m afraid of (the blogging version)

Nothing! Well… I mean… lots of things. I’m afraid of being shackled to something without an expiration date. I’m afraid this will suck me in and I’ll be spending my evenings writing late into the night. I’m afraid to write … Continue reading

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The problem with being a person of your word

The problem with letting “your yes be yes and your no be no” is that one day you’ll forget that you said “yes” to something. Something very small perhaps, but something. It will slip your mind or you just won’t … Continue reading

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Preach Grace

Do we avoid telling our spouses we will love and forgive them unconditionally because we worry they will take advantage of it? No. Instead, our spouses’ unconditional love and forgiveness softens–even captivates–our hearts and creates in us a desire to … Continue reading

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Adult ADD: A mass diagnosis

Perhaps it is not that we all suddenly have ADD, but that we have become the immature products of an immature, unfocused, multitasking generation that is thoroughly busy in idleness.

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Perfectionism is when I have every intention of sending flowers to someone, and I go to the website and spend lots of time looking at EVERY SINGLE ARRANGEMENT, and I narrow it down to a few pretty good ones, and … Continue reading

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Taking advantage of marriage

Being married is like getting to cheat on every single exam by working with a partner.     I suggest you find someone who’s good at math.

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On Amusement

Are we really here to amuse ourselves? If the answer is no, then in just how much amusement are we to engage? It is attempting to answer the second question that leads us to legalism. If we answer the first, … Continue reading

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The problem with “date night”

Married couples are often encouraged to schedule a “date night” once a week. I think “date night” is the equivalent of confining your relationship with God to Sunday morning.

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